Your Xian travel guide - How to Discover the Wonders of Xian

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Xian is one of the most popular cities in China: literally known as the city of "Peace in the West", this ancient city served as the capital city of significant Chinese dynasties hence was marked as an important place in Chinese history. Presently, it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Chinese tourism.

It is always wise to plan the itineraries in Xian before you arrive here. There are plenty of tourist attractions and some of the most famous sires are located outside the city. You will find Xian travel guide extremely interesting due to its versatility; there are natural wonders, historical spots, museums, and some modern sights where some spectacular music show rakes place almost at regular basis. 

Discovering the wonders of Xian is simple; but you have to make a roadmap for that. You need to find out the tourist spots located near the down town. You may avail a hired taxi or you can avail intercity mini bus to reach the places like Bell and Drum Towers, Big Goose Pagoda, Forest of Stone Steles, etc.

The most memorable tourist attractions of Xian like Terracotta army, Xian City Wall, Xian yang Museum, and Kumarajiva Pagoda can be reached by availing conducted tour buses from the downtown.

Discovering Xian and its memorable places are not a tough task because conveniences are pretty well available. However, what is required is a brief planning about a schedule for vising the places with your 2-5 days stay at Xian. You will find Xian travel guide is extremely helpful forfinding and planning your itineraries while you are in Xian.


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